Community Development Education

“Can you help me?” This is a commonly asked question in the rural communities in which we work. But what does it mean to offer “help”?

We believe that all communities and individuals have resources within themselves that can be used to address the situations they feel are important. Our Community Development Education (CDE) project works by partnering together with individuals, communities and groups within the community to assess their own situation, identify agreed-upon felt needs, and leverage the strengths of the community in addressing these situations. Rather than doing thing ‘for’ people, we build the capacity of local members of the community with training, modeling and coaching; assisting them as they implement positive changes.

This “help” equips the community to improve their own situations sustainably without input of outside resources. Through this, we identify people who are trusted in their own community, have a voice in the identifying, planning and implementation of the project, and are enabled to continue community transformation with local resources.

Currently, the CDE team is working with several local men and women to improve their lives in the areas of home energy efficiency. This includes efficient coal and wood burning stoves that also heat the home, solar home heaters, hand made energy efficient windows and doors, and a variety of insulation techniques.

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